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About IFS


The world is a complex place; the economy and the retirement landscape have changed dramatically.  Today's fast paced high tech society, people have access to so much information and data that they are drowning in it. What they don’t have is someone to sort through it all for them, to make sense of it, and create a sustainable and executable strategy from it.


Integrated Financial Solutions, PLLC (IFS) is an independent financial advisory firm which allows us to steer clear of any conflicts of interest that may arise when a firm is owned by a company that has a proprietary product-based solution and quotas. We serve as a fiduciary for our clients, acting in a professional capacity of competence and trust while delivering honest counsel to our clients.  Since 2008, IFS has been helping people solve their financial and retirement planning puzzles. We are an Independently owned and operated financial planning firm specializing in wealth management and retirement income strategies and we strive to integrate the latest technology solutions to ensure the most efficient delivery of information to our clients.

We live by The Fiduciary Standard

As an Independent firm, IFS is committed to providing unbiased financial advice and acting exclusively in the best interests of our clients

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