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Will your business continue to provide financial security for you, your key employees and your families? Through our strategic relationships, we can help provide tailored strategies and solutions for business owners and executives. 

One solution we offer our business clients is
Business Priorities.


This is a business report that helps you address areas of need and benefit ranked by priority. This report is a free value added report.

  • Exit Planning – Establishing a definite time period to transfer your business to a specific party at an established price?

  • Wealth Transfer – Is your will/trust current and does it reflect how you want your assets distributed?

  • Retirement Income – Are you or your key employees able to set aside enough money for retirement considering the limited amount of contributions that can be made to a qualified plan?

  • Survivor Income – Will your spouse and beneficiaries be able to maintain their desired standard of living after your death?

  • Business Protection – In the event of a death, resignation of a key employee or a future change in management, would your business be as successful as it is today?

  • Income Protection – Upon an accident or severe illness, would you be able to meet present financial obligations based on your expected income during that stressful time?

Business Owner Services
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