Financial Planning

Retirement planning isn’t about aggressive money-making ideas, it’s about establishing and committing to goals and taking the time to create a safe and secure financial plan. Your goals are the driving force behind the financial guidance our firm offers. Our job is to assist you in making well-informed decisions so that you can feel confident in your retirement strategy.

Investment Risk Analysis

We review your existing investments to determine the types and level of financial risks to which you are exposed. We point out areas of concern and offer you our thoughts on appropriate solutions.

Social Security
Maximization Report:

There are hundreds of ways you can file for your Social Security benefits. We will create a personalized report with your credits earned that provide specific step-by-step instructions. How and when to file, and the optimized strategy for monthly benefits over a more probable life expectancy.



Helping you identify, simplify, and accomplish your financial goals.

Our main purpose is to help you use, manage, and direct your resources towards what matters most to you.

We can help.

Consultation Services

One-Time or As Needed: For those do-it-yourselfers or those seeking help in a specific area and want a professional perspective.
Ongoing: Unique to each client, your personalized plan is available online where IFS will continue to monitor your progress and be available anytime to answer your questions.

Ongoing Financial Planning

This appeals to those who want the comprehensive financial plan now and access to a financial planner all year round. We start with a financial plan and stay in touch throughout the year to ensure recommendations are executed and special situations are analyzed as they arise.

One-Time Plan

We offer comprehensive financial plans designed to answer all of your questions and create a clear path forward toward your goals.

Wealth Management

We’ll be your personal CFO. IFS will be available to meet with you on a regular basis, and if you have questions, just call. We will make sure your questions are answered promptly.

Millennial Portfolios

Developed to provide young families and professionals the education and guidance to achieve financial confidence through a process aligned with their values. IFS takes complex information and simplifies it into an understandable game plan for our clients.