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Special Retirement Benefit for Arizona

Small Business Association (ASBA) Members

Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA)

“ASBA is thrilled to offer this new program to our members,” ASBA COO Debbie Hann said. “In conjunction with IFS and Voya Financial, this 401k program will be a great option for our business owners across the state.”


We started out with one goal in mind, to provide a simple, one-stop retirement plan solution for businesses.

If you’ve ever looked into providing a retirement plan for your employees, you understand it can be overwhelming.

  • Deciding what 401k providers to use

  • Finding a TPA to work with

  • Deciding what option to offer

  • Working with an experienced plan advisor to tie all the pieces together

  • And, we haven’t begun to talk about the ongoing administration

The ASBA 401k Retirement Solution was tailored with small business owners in mind. We partnered with top-tier local providers with the skills, experience, and resources to take the burden off your shoulders and provide your employees with a Best-in-Class retirement plan. They’ll be with you every step of the way. 

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Already have a retirement plan?

Companies currently offering a retirement plan are also able to take advantage of this great offering. IFS will help you determine which retirement plan offering is the best option for your business by providing you with a Benchmark & Analysis Report :


  • Analyzing your current plan design and offering recommendations

  • Evaluating your current investment line up for suitability

  • Assessing your Participant Education Strategy

  • Informing you of any fiduciary

  • Providing you with a Fee Benchmark

  • Reviewing areas to improve your plan

The ASBA 401k Retirement Solution is designed to help you attract, retain, and reward talent with a superior employee benefit.


Your company’s retirement plan is critical for attracting and retaining top talent for your business. You want to choose a plan that educates and motivates employees to save for retirement.


Does your company have the resources and knowledge to handle all the responsibilities required to go at it alone? Unless your company has a professional with experience and the expertise to manage your employee retirement plan you may want to think about hiring a retirement plan specialist to assist.


Each ASBA Member interested in learning more about the ASBA 401k Retirement Solution will receive a personalized needs assessment for your company. Joe Weber of IFS will work with you to determine your company’s needs.

Contact us below to schedule your complimentary consultation:

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