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Evaluate and Improve Your Plan through Benchmarking

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Having a competitive benefits package is crucial to making sure your company can not only recruit top staff, but also to set your current employees up for a successful retirement. To make sure you are offering a competitive retirement plan, it's important to compare it to similar plans with benchmarking.

At IFS, one of our specialties is analyzing and benchmarking retirement plans. We can provide you with a Benchmarking Report showing you how your benefits stack up against your competition.


The DOL recommends benchmarking your plan every 3-5 years to ensure your plan’s fees are reasonable. It's also a great way to obtain the best mix of services for your needs. Our Total Plan Analysis & Benchmarking Report is a great tool to assist Plan Sponsors and Admins with their oversight and fiduciary responsibilities. Please let us know how IFS can assist you or you can schedule a meeting directly HERE .

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